Keynote speakers

“The Energy of your Office for 2022”

9:00am EST

Bill Walsh
“How to Survive & Thrive in Any Economy”

5:00pm EST

craig duswalt
“How to Rock Your Life and Your Business!”

12:00pm EST


Our Expert speakers

Summit Welcome Message

8:00am EST

Joanie O’Hanlon
“Multiple Sources Of Income (MSIS)”

8:10am EST

Anne Biging
“The Healing of Everything”

8:20am EST

Rhonda Liebig
“Stop the Sabotage to Higher Income Flow”

8:30am EST

Regina Huber
“3 Steps to Fulfill Your Potential

8:40am EST

Jana Danielson
“Nurture Your Most Valuable Biz Resource”

8:50am EST

Marie Diamond
“The Energy of your Office for 2022”

9:00am EST


9:10am EST

Dr. Lydie Louis
“Legally Speaking: Monetizing Content”

9:20am EST

KD Wagner
“Live Life Limitlessly After Loss”

9:30am EST

James Miller
Preparing Your Podcast for Radio Broadcast

9:40am EST

Bryanna Black
“Power Versus Force In Online Earning”

9:50am EST

Teresa de Grosbois 
“The Three Pillars of Creating Change”

10:00am EST

Paul Finck
“Shift Results: 7 figure (almost) overnight”

10:10am EST

Orly Amor
6 Figures from Public Speaking in 2022

10:20am EST

Tracy Repchuk
“Double Your Income in 3 Simple Steps”

10:30am EST

Jean Marie Russo
“Through The Investor’s Eyes 

10:40am EST

Christopher Salem
“Why Do the Right KPIs Matter in Your Biz”

10:50am EST

Augustine Ojo
“Making Your Money Work for You!”

11:00am EST

Christine West
The Emotionally Effective Entrepreneur

11:10am EST

Blaney Teal
Tech Tools Business Can’t Live Without

11:20am EST

Laura Rau
The Excelerated Entrepreneur

11:30am EST

Mike Van Pelt
“Start Your Comeback Journey”

11:40am EST

MBX events
“Networking Tips that Make YOU Stand out!”
11:50am EST
“How to Rock Your Life & Your Business!”

12:00pm EST

Keynote Presentation

12:10pm EST

Linda Pringle Evans
“Turn Your Reputation into Revenue”

12:20pm EST

Mark Porteous
“3 Keys for Conscious Collaboration”

12:30pm EST

Karen Burkholder
“My Legacy Planner, One Place for All Docs”
12:40pm EST
Sistah Soldier
Speak Your Way to Success”

12:50pm EST

Laura Barker
“No Spam, No Noise, Just New Clients”

1:00pm EST


1:10pm EST

Shanna Scott
“Monetize With Events”

1:20pm EST

Diana Deene, PHD
“Raising Happy,  Confident kids”

1:30pm EST

Linda Cain
Create Your Own Profitable Event Stage

1:40pm EST

Sophia Olivas
“Cryptocurrency- Level Playing Field”

1:50pm EST

Robin Kellogg
“Top 5 Reasons to Write a Book”

2:00pm EST

Kym Glass
“The Seven Promises of COURAGE!”

2:10pm EST

Patrick Johnson
“The Magic of IBC!”

2:20pm EST

Robin Stern
“Google tips for your business grow”

2:30pm EST

Dotty Scott
“Reviews are the Lifeblood of Business”

2:40pm EST

Jamie Madigan
“Protect What Matters Most to You”

2:50pm EST

Phoenix Gibbs
“Master Your FREE-Spirited Queendom”

3:00pm EST

Olivia Serna
“Let’s talk about Intelligent Business”

3:10pm EST

Sue Wilhite
“No Failure When Hacking Your Future”

3:20pm EST

Eileen Mendel
“The Importance of a Framework”

3:30pm EST

Gary Mulquiney
“3 Keys For Aligning Spirituality & Purpose”

3:40pm EST


3:50pm EST

Jim Chong
“Powerful Marketing Tool: Your Story!”

4:00pm EST

Deborah Daniel
“4 Fast Paths to Cash”

4:10pm EST

Mike Raber
“Netserving: The Art of Creating Raving Fans”

4:20pm EST

Marcy Predmore
“Money in Motion”

4:30pm EST

Miro Heyink
“What it takes to scale to 6 figure months”

4:40pm EST

Wendy Darling
“Rapidly Remedy The 3 Major Issues”

4:50pm EST

Bill Walsh
“How to Survive & Thrive in Any Economy”

5:00pm EST

Keynote Presentation

5:10pm EST

Robert Murray
“Creating ‘Magic’ in your Group Coaching”

5:20pm EST

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt
“GRAND Principles of Networking”

5:30pm EST

Angie Ostojic
Tips to Financial Transformation”

5:40pm EST

Marjorie Saulson
“How to Improve the Sound of Your Voice”

5:50pm EST

Sangeeta Patil
“Beyond Growth. Scale Your Business in 2022!”

6:00pm EST

Theresa Pore
“Points of Power”

6:10pm EST

Amy and Carl

6:20pm EST

Frederic Robinson
“What is LegalShield?”

6:30pm EST

Laura Cobb
“Bee Positive– Bee Konnected”

6:40pm EST

Amy Szumstein 
“How to get R.O.O.T.E.D.”

6:50pm EST

Our Incredible emcees!

Jim Chong
Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

David Roberts

Christopher Salem
Mike Raber
Jana Danielson